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Search Dogs

We operate a effective search dog unit that offers the following services:

  • Explosive/weapons detection

  • Drug/weapons detection (passive/pro active capability)

Our Explosive/Firearms dogs would be used where the threat of serious crime or terrorism is considered a possibility, these dogs are a very effective tool in the fight against serious crime.

Typically they could be used to search and make secure the following:

  • Vehicle searches

  • Venues

  • Airports

  • Ports /points of access to the UK

  • Containers

  • Stadiums

Again not a comprehensive list, and please contact us for a feasibility study and free survey on the use of our Explosive and firearms search teams.

Drug and weapons dogs can be used in a variety of places where there is a real threat, Our passive dogs could be used to search a line of people waiting to enter a club, or venue, and have been used very effectively in schools in the home counties. They would indicate the presence of narcotics/weapons on people or bags, by sitting in front of article/person and allowing your search procedures to be activated.

Our Pro-active dogs can be used to search venues/open areas/vehicles. They would indicate by barking at areas where narcotics or weapons are hidden.

Please contact the office for further details.




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